The 7th Grade Band provides a time to reinforce the fundamentals learned in beginner band while increasing technical demand. Each year, the 7th grade band performs at band night, The City of Brandon Christmas Parade, a winter concert, a local concert festival, and a Spring Concert.

​7th Grade Director/Woodwinds - Ms. Ross

Brass - Mr. Edwards

Percussion - Mr. Craft


The 8th Grade Band serves as the premier instrumental music ensemble at Brandon Middle School. During the third year of instruction the students are preparing for entrance into the high school band while continuing to add technical demand to the fundamentals learned in the first two years of instruction. Each year the 8th grade band students preform at pep rallys, various 8th grade football games, band night, the City of Brandon Christmas Parade, a winter concert, a local concert festival and a Spring Concert.

8th Grade Director/ Woodwinds - Mrs. Green

Brass - Mr. Edwards

​Percussion - Mr. Craft

The 6th Grade Band or beginner band provides the foundation for each students  experience in instrumental music. Beginner band students spend the majority of time learning and developing the basics. Each year the 6th grade band performs at band night, a winter concert, and a spring concert. If you have current 5th grade student and are interested in finding out more about our beginning band class then please read this packet of FAQ.

Beginner Band Information Packet

6th Grade Band Classes

Flutes - Ms. Ross

Clarinets - Mrs. Green

Saxophones - Mrs. Green

Trumpets/French Horn - Mr. Edwards

​Trombones - Mr. Edwards

Percussion - Mr. Craft