General Brandon Band Boosters Meeting

P.O. Box 2247

Brandon, MS 39042

May 14,2020

Call to Order

Sue Painter called to order General Brandon Band Boosters Officers on May 14,2020 held via teleconference due to the Covid 19 at 7:00 p.m.  

There were 40 members present. There were no minutes from the previous meeting presented.

Agenda Items:

Amending the Bylaws: Sue informed the members that the Executive Board voted to amend the Bylaws to allow for voting via teleconference at the general BBBC meeting on Thursday, May 14,2020 due to Covid 19. The members were informed that the vote for the Executive Board would be taken by a head nod for yes and if anyone wanted to vote against a candidate, they could make a comment directly to Mr. Edwards or email Sue Painter or Patrice Buisson.

 Slate of Nominations

 Sue Painter presented the Slate of Candidates for the2020/2021 BBBC  

                          Executive Board for 2020/2021:

                          President: Bill Adams

                          Vice President: Tara Kelly

                          Secretary: Patrice Buisson

Finance Officer/Treasurer: Sarah Mendez

A vote was taken by the general members and the new board was approved

                         Bill Adams presented the Committee Members for 2020/2021

                          Fundraising/Merchandising: Davida Curtis

                          Band Camp Snacks: Donna Floyd

                          Props: Chad Dear

                          Friday night meals: Shaunta Johnson

                          Chaperones/Concessions Volunteers: Alana Mowdy and                                   Angel Tapley

                          Uniforms: Lesia Tone

 Director Announcements:

  • Mr. Edwards introduced Ms. May the new band director.  She will be overseeing the guard and working with both the Middle School and High School Band.
  • Auditions for next year are being done video and being submitted via Google Classroom.  The videos are due by Sunday. 
  • There were 9 kids that tried out for drum major.

         The results will be announced on June 1st.

  • There are no more assignments for this year. Mr. Edwards will send out the music for the Fall show soon
  • Student Leadership interviews will be held (?)
  • Uniform size charts need to be filled out by Monday
  • Band camp dates – July 20-24 and July 27-31

         Students will be given snacks daily

  • Band Banquet will be held either June 6 or July 31

         If it is July 31 the parent performance will be moved to Thursday and the            students will be released at noon on Friday.  All awards are being held             for the banquet.  The 2020 seniors will be back, and the new freshmen             will attend.

  • There will be no practice for up coming 8th graders prior to band camp
  • Charms: Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Green no longer in control of the password. Parents will have to request passwords from Charms.  Please review your Charms accounts.
  • Trip refunds have been applied to Charms accounts. Mr. Walls mailed checks to those requesting them.
  • Fees for next year will be all inclusive – returning students will pay $400.00 and new students $500.00. These will be charged to the students Charms account at the beginning of the year but can be paid over the course of the year.
  • We will host a competition again this year-date to be determined and will attend 3 other competitions.

           Fundraisers 2020/2021


Brandon High School Yard signs
Online apparel store
Middle School will do cookie dough and pizza

Spring- chicken tenders
Parents were encouraged to sign up for the Kroger rewards program and Amazon Smile program                         

III:   Closing and Adjournment: motion for adjournment was made by Bill Adams and seconded     by Sue Painter

Minutes were recorded and submitted by Patrice Buisson Booster Secretary.