Call to Order

Bill Adams called to order General Brandon Band Boosters on.
September21, 2020 held via teleconference due to the Covid 19 at 6:30 p.m.  
The Board Members and Mr. Edwards were present at Brandon High School and the other booster members were present via Zoom.
A motion was made by Mickey Kelly to open the meeting and seconded by Davida Curtis
The minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed by Bill Adams and member were encouraged to review them on the Band website. 

Agenda Items:
Football games: There are 3 regular season home games left. Mr. Edwards thanked the members for being flexible and reminded them that we are still adhering to the governor’s mandates which can change weekly. Per RSCD on employees can be on buses so we are not currently having parents as chaperones. 

  • We plan to play but will not march at any away games. The number of students attending may be limited.

Concessions Stand

  • We will be selling hamburgers again in the concession stand but will only cook about 250.  People are needed to cook the burgers.  If you are on the list to work and would like to cook burgers let Mr. Edwards, Mr. Tapley or Mr. Wilson know.  You will need to arrive at 3:30 and will be released once the burgers are cooked.
  • Do not arrive to work in the concession stand before 5:00. Arrive time is 5:30-6:00 pm.
  • We have 8th grade parent’s working in the concession stand.
  • We need volunteers to feed the kids after half time.  If you are on the list to work the concession stand you can volunteer for this role.

 Financial Report:

  • Sarah Mendez reviewed the current financial status of the Band Boosters. See attached report.
  • Mrs. Mendez encouraged the booster members to sign up for Kroger Rewards.
  • She reminded us that the concession stand is our biggest fundraiser. We had to buy extra supplies because it is the beginning of the season so these costs come out of our profits but should be recuperated as the season progresses.

 Upcoming Dates:

Homecoming FB Game Friday October 9th vs. Petal.  The band will play at half time.

Homecoming Pep Rally (no parade as of right now, could change) Thursday October 8th – will be open to the first 25%.

Band Night Thursday October 15th at 6:30. Students need to arrive at 6 pm. Admission will not be charged.  Each grade will be celebrated. Mask will be required.  The concession stand will be open before and after- will sell candy and drinks.

Senior Night FB Game Friday October 30th vs. NWR 

Ensemble Concert (Virtually, will do Zoom and Facebook Live, no audience allowed) Tuesday November 10th

Christmas Concert (will split audience by last name (A-L and M-Z), students will perform concert twice) Tuesday December 1st

Christmas Parade Friday December 4th 

Fundraisers: students will be selling popcorn/cookie dough/home goods. Information will be sent the first week of October and the sale will last 2 weeks.  Items can be ordered online and shipped to purchaser’s home

Formal Wear: will be fitted shortly. If returning members need new items they will need to pay additional fees. New member’s fees were included in the band fees.

Charms: please look at your account – it is up to date with fees.

 III:   Closing and Adjournment: motion for adjournment was made by Sarah Mendez and seconded by Tara Kelly.

Minutes were recorded and submitted by Patrice Buisson Booster Secretary

General Brandon Band Boosters Meeting
P.O. Box 2247
Brandon, MS 39043
September 21,2020